About Us

With many years experience making good wine and beer, and an exceptional "nose" for quality, Susie convinced David to join her and apply his Master of Science degree to the process. David's extensive knowledge of plant physiology and pathology, and many years practical horticultural research experience, took Susie's wines to a new level and in 2000, we opened our winery in Bellingen.

With the need to escape the heat and humidity of the valley, and the beautiful Dorrigo Plateau beckoning, we found the right building, with good thermal properties conducive to a controlled slow ferment, and excellent quality water, a feature of the Dorrigo Plateau, and moved our operation to Dorrigo in December 2005. Premium local and regional fruits and potatoes are sourced directly from growers to produce our products. Our unique, handcrafted liqueurs and vodkas are based entirely on our own research findings.

We ferment and store our various wines in 200lt or 400lt stainless steel variable capacity tanks, which are sealed with a stainless steel lid and air lock. The use of stainless steel highlights the fruit's true characteristics.  Our wines are not "oaked" nor are fining agents used in the production processes of our wines. We prefer to use natural methods and regularly rack the wine to remove the lees and to assist in the clarification of our product. We do not add additional sulphites to the wines once fermentation has been completed.

In October 2007 we obtained our Distillation License. We run a small distillation unit with small batch runs where we can closely monitor the performance of the unit and the quality of the spirit produced. The production of liqueurs is undertaken in glass and all flavours and colours are intrinsic to the raw material. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives are added to any of our products. Our products are filtered to 1 micron and hand bottled and labeled into new glass.