Mid North Coast Food Forum

November 11th 2015

What an absolute inspiration was Pauline Nguyen as the keynote speaker at the Mid North Coast Food Forum.


In recounting her,  and her families ecape from Vietnam following the Vietnam War, and her upbringing and early life experiences in Australia Pauline told attendees an amazing life journey.  There were numerous 'gems' in her talk but several, as they relate to business and that stuck with me included:

1. Kaizen - the Japanese concept of constant and never ending improvement.  If you are not continually improving you are actually going backwards.

2. Intuition and meditation and mindfulness

3. That the Obstacle is the Way

4. Know your own strengths - fish are not meant to climb trees!

5. Know your 'why'. People do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

6. Tell the story - you must share your story to make a unique customer experience. The customer experience commences long before they become a customer.

Thanks to Pauline and thanks to Coffs City Council and sponsors for a most enlightening day.