Depending upon seasonal availability, Red Dirt Distillery manufacturers a wide range of specialty Italian style sweet liqueurs. The majority of the botanicals are sourced from our local area or from passionate growers and we generally use potato spirit as the alcohol base.


Lime Liqueur

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Rhubarb Liqueur

Rhubarb Liqueur

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Customer comments...

Stopped in Dorrigo looking for coffee and found what will probably be the highlight of our holiday. The coffee was excellent and the GF almond, chocolate and date torte divine but the standout was meeting Susan and David (master distiller) and sampling their gin - we were inspired by their knowledge, passion for excellence and wide range of quality tipples. They were so generous with their time talking to us and letting us sample what is possibly the smoothest gin I have ever tasted. Lovely couple doing amazing things in a very pretty little town. I wish we had been able to stay longer to look in the museum and I hope my husband one day names a gin for me :)

Lonegolfa - Via TripAdvisor - November 2014

The rich red soil of the Dorrigo Plateau is perfect for growing sebagos, which are perfect for turning into vodka.  Have a shot at Red Dirt Distillery, where you can also try Mountain Mist gin and shrubs made from local fruit.

Reviewed and Recommended.

Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2017 - January 2017