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Variety, they say, is the spice of life. This is what we are about at Red Dirt. Whether it is our preserves, jams, jellies or cordials or, most importantly, our spirits and liqueurs we produce variety. Hand crafted, boutique products in wine making, brewing or distilling are simply an extension of agriculture. In the wine industry, this variation is called terroir where the final product is dependent on the local variety, the local climate, the seasons, the sources and the skill, techniques and passion of the artisan producer. The boutique small batch distiller faces exactly these same issues with every batch. We strive for and  achieve consistency in our base spirits, but revel in the outcomes of our small batch productions of liqueurs and gins. The liqueurs, especially, are frequently ‘experiments’ and one-offs and are often different between batches a direct reflection of terroir. However, we assure you, the consumer, that we proudly stand behind each and every batch and that it has been crafted for total drinking pleasure.

We welcome you to shop for a 'mixed bag'  of products, all of which have been hand crafted, and all of which will satisfy the most demanding gourmand!!