All our vodkas have flavour and bouquet, heat at 40% alcohol (v/v) but none of the 'burn' often associated with conventional grain based Vodkas.  We recommend consumption  as a neat spirit, mix with neutral mixers (if you must), unchilled and sipped. 


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Customer comments...

Moved from Bellingen to Dorrigo in 2005 because of the excellent quality of water in the mountain town it produces Australia's only potato vodka using Dorrigo red soil Sebago potatoes. A tasting is definitely in order here!

Great Gourmet Weekends in Australia - November 2010

I waited 14 days but on my last day in Dorrigo NSW I was rewarded with the Best Potato Vodka since my travels in the old USSR. They have other quite good liquors which I happily sampled. It was hard to pick which to bring back to the States but 3 / 350ml are now packed away waiting to be opened by friends and family. I'm happy that I was able to catch them open because the experience was a lot of fun. I will definitely stop by again when I come thru town in the future!

David L - Via TripAdvisor - February 2014